April 9, 2021



Unlocking the Power of Your Enrollment Data: Why Outsource Your Enrollment Data Analysis?

When participants at UPCEA’s Marketing, Enrollment Management, and Student Success conference were polled on their top three concerns, they were: 1. LIMITED BUDGET 2. UNDERSTAFFING 3. SELECTING TARGET MARKETS Partnering with experienced digital marketers can address all those problems and more. Limited Budget: [...]

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Unlocking the Power of Your Enrollment Data

As a higher education professional, you care about students, student outcomes, a thriving academic community, and the reputation of your programs and institution. And yet, by unlocking critical insights from your data, you can have very real, measurable, and boast-worthy results from the [...]

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The Enrollment Cliff Whitepaper

In our latest higher education marketing whitepaper, we dive into the enrollment cliff. Almost all colleges have seen decreased enrollment over the past decade. Predictions for an even steeper enrollment cliff in 2026 have higher education professionals worried. With reduced populations of [...]

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2022 Parent Survey: Where Do Parents Start When Researching Colleges and Universities?

The overwhelmingly popular place to begin college research is on the college’s website. Eighty-four percent of parents selected “college website,” which closely tracks the results from our January poll of students themselves. The following two most popular choices were "search engines" and "teachers [...]

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Where Do Parents Notice College Advertising?

We asked parents to rank where they most noticed college advertising, and half the respondents chose social media as their first choice. While direct mail received the subsequent most first place responses from a quarter of respondents, more than a quarter ranked it [...]

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Parent Survey

The follow up to our 2022 Student Survey whitepaper is now available! Alabama Media Group surveyed more than 1,000 parents of high school students to measure the extent of their influence over their child’s college decisions. We uncovered timely answers to questions most relevant to enrollment professionals [...]

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Student Survey

Sometimes, the best way to understand is to ask, so we did. Alabama Media Group surveyed more than 1,000 high school students on how they gather information on colleges. To better understand the perspective of high school students about communication from colleges, we surveyed [...]

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