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Our Approach

AMG Higher Education Marketing Approach & Strategy incorporates one of the most important elements, we work hard.

We believe effective marketing campaigns begin with thoughtful storytelling. Our first goal as a marketing partner is to understand your story. This reveals what makes your brand special.

Once we understand who you are, we can build a strategic marketing plan. We want to tell your story across platforms with the most attention to reach your ideal audience.

Compelling stories paired with a strategic plan drive great results. We have a track record of doing just that.


2023 Higher Education Marketing Outlook

In our latest higher education marketing whitepaper, we dive into the enrollment cliff.


Traditional Student Recruitment

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There’s Nothing Traditional about Our Strategy

Our field includes a highly competitive target audience that includes a long (12 – 14 month) decision cycle. Traditional 4-year institutions mostly focus on effective branding as well as student and parent engagement. Basically, laying a foundation for effective and inspirational storytelling will allow prospective students to be comfortable with a college decision. Above all, they can begin to envision a successful future at your college.

Targeting Teens & Their Influencers

Our marketing approach for this type of brand starts with foundational and targeted messaging to prospective students and their parents. Furthermore, the next layers are followed up by specifically targeted creative designed to showcase your best programs based on audiences interests.

Read more in our student survey whitepaper here

Channel Mix is Essential

AMG Higher Education Marketing Approach & Strategy focuses on building powerful campaigns with multiple layers of tactics including online display, geo-fencing, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok), and video advertising (YouTube, CTV,OTT), allow for a more holistic and effective approach to bringing future students to your website.


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Connecting the Right Audience with the Right Opportunities

Community Colleges are a lot like a utility knife… they do so many things that many people are surprised to know about.

Segmented Campaigns Deliver Better Results

Because of this the marketing plan can be complicated. The approach for a traditional student will look much different than the campaigns targeting continuing education programs and specialty technical training.

Targeted Campaigns Hit the Bullseye Every Time

Narrow and specific targeting creates campaign efficiency and allows smaller budgets to still be impactful at driving new students across all a community college’s offerings. Specific targeting of high schools or demographics well suited for technical programs paired with compelling social and video content will help future students see the value as well as the wide variety of career paths that start at a community college.


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Career Education Recruitment is a Technical Challenge – Put our Strategic Approach to the Test.

This isn’t your typical college experience, and your marketing strategy should consider this when building campaigns. Whether its culinary arts, elite blue-collar skills, or emerging technical fields, students are craving a pathway to jobs with industries that can give them a bright future.


Reaching Alumni is Easy – Moving them to Action Requires the Right Strategy

You have the CRM data, but are you leveraging for campaigns? Our data insights team can help you better understand your alumni and create marketing plans to reach them beyond email and expensive direct mail campaigns.

Segmented campaigns deliver more of what you want. From deeper engagement to bigger donations.


It’s never too late to go back to school. However, figuring out who these post graduate students will be is no easy task.

By homing in on online behaviors, we can put your post graduate programs in front of people who are actively weighing career options. Developing compelling content to show career driven people the potential paths is a critical component of the marketing strategy. Being certain we deliver content to people in the midst of their research allows these programs to eventually become viable options for future students to consider.

Read more in our blog “Who Are Today’s Nontraditional Students”

Our Approach is True Partnership

Our connections include traditional four-year universities, community colleges, and technical and career schools. We help institutions level up their marketing strategies for student recruitment as well as alumni outreach. Every school experiences unique challenges. We listen and work alongside you to create solutions.

2022 Student Survey Whitepaper.

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