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Jennifer LaPointe Kercher

Account Executive

AMG Higher Education Marketing

“Understanding the path to conversion firsthand allows me to build a comprehensive strategy targeting your ideal applicant.”

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Q&A with Jennifer Kercher

What is the favorite part of your job and the impact you make?

My favorite part of my job is working with colleges and universities that are facing enrollment declines to increase the number of quality applicants. Our marketing campaigns can help to increase the visibility and reputation of an institution. By creating compelling messaging and effective branding, we can help our partners stand out in the crowded field of higher education options.

Which of the challenges higher education faces do you hear most during conversations w/ clients? (Enrollment cliff, scoreboard access, etc)

Colleges and universities face new, unprecedented challenges in addition to rising costs of tuition and enrollment declines, like the impending threat of the enrollment cliff.  I understand these challenges and enjoy working with clients to increase enrollment.

Share one of your favorite ad campaigns

The Pontiac campaign of the early 80’s, “We Build Excitement” was one of the reasons behind my wanting to have a career in advertising. My passion for creating ads that evoke strong emotions and leave a lasting impact on audiences.  That’s why I love being a part of an industry that has the power to change people’s perceptions and shape their decisions by creating memorable and impactful campaigns.

Favorite book

“To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee was a book that resonated with me the most growing up.  This thought-provoking book created a sort of nostalgia, where one would recall fond memories and created an emotional connection with the readers.

Why are clients going to love working with you?

Having five kids of my own, all with very different personalities and interests, I have lots of first-hand experience (and a pragmatic approach!) helping clients navigate a students’ higher education enrollment journey. Having spent a portion of my career in the automotive industry, I have a gift for working quickly to earn the satisfaction of my partners.


2023 Higher Education Marketing Outlook

In our latest higher education marketing whitepaper, we dive into the enrollment cliff.

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