As more and more options for digital interaction arise, it is critical to frequently assess which social media platforms students are using. Focusing your efforts on where the potential students are already located, such as newer social media options, can give you a leg up in your communications with students.

We asked our in-house social media manager Kelly Campbell what methods she sees as most effective for reaching students.

“Utilizing Snap and TikTok in particular is a great way to capture potential students’ attention as they’re scrolling – almost half of both platforms’ audiences are under the age of 25,” said Campbell. “We recommend creating fun, original content potential students will resonate with to maximize effectiveness.”

Let’s break down both apps’ percentage of younger users:


48%  are  15-25 years old


25% are 10-19 years old

22.4% are 20-29 years old

With young folks being attracted to Snap’s vanishing content model and TikTok’s fresh, authentic approach to short form video, it’s easy to see why it’s important to be on such platforms to grab the attention of potential future students.

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