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Unlocking The Power of Your Enrollment Data

Your CRM (customer relationship manager, i.e. Slate) and enrollment data are a treasure trove, full of insights that will help your enrollment marketing efforts.

map of amg higher education marketing partners
map of amg higher education marketing partners

Shelton State Community College

Shelton State Community College is a public community college in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Operated by the Alabama State Department of Postsecondary Education, Shelton is one of the largest two-year colleges in the state.

University of North Alabama

University of North Alabama is one of the leading Universities in the State of Alabama. However, they wanted to increase their market share in a few new markets.

University of South Alabama College of Nursing

In Spring 2020, USA College of Nursing partnered with Alabama Media Group with the goal of boosting awareness, consideration and increasing the number of applications for their online BSN program.

UPCEA MEMs Highlights.

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