Admissions digitization efforts require creativity, structure, and consideration of the wide range of student needs and preferences. Reaching students “where they are” can count for a lot, with live events on social media, access to chats and Q & A sessions in multiple formats and adding a student-run social media channel that can support admissions.

Use video, virtual reality, graphics, and tailor nurture campaigns to incorporate email and SMS nudges for prospects. The possibilities are vast, but make sure to consider the hardest to reach prospects and give them options and support to get the information they need to apply and enroll successfully.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while rethinking admissions processes:

  1. Centralize: make sure there is one hub through which students can access all materials, with links as necessary straight to enrollment, financial aid, and other resources.
  2. Variety: use a mix of delivery methods and types of content, including group and one-on-one contact both online and on-campus, self-guided resources, and marketing outreach.
  3. Flexibility: accommodate disabilities with captions and audio descriptions, and be flexible with individual students needs.
  4. Humanize: make the virtual personal with a human face out front on your online presence, allowing for students to get a feeling for the human side of the institution.


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